Tuesday, May 29, 2012

High Sierra Route Sunset (Pic from my next story to be posted soon!)

Bag Nights

Laying atop a tall mountain gazing up at the stars
Hearing  breezes and night sounds near and far

The day has been hard and though quite long
I feel fulfilled and fear nothing wrong

Thoughts wander back to dainty flowers underfoot
And how carefully I wove thru them avoiding each with my boot

And about the steep trail leading up to the pass
Then over the top,  views disappearing woefully fast

The dip in the lake,   the clouds overhead
All these thoughts fly by while I’m snuggled in bed

The eves gentle breezes sough across my cool face
Thoughts becoming wispy,  becoming spotty as lace

All the days exertions of body and mind
Finally allow me to slowly,  slowly unwind

And before I even know it,  I’ve drifted far far away
Slumbering peacefully on til the sun’s rays overhead announce the new day.

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